UNILAG girls attacked, robbed in their hostel

The assailant capitalized on failure of the hall management to fix a hole in the wall
The assailant capitalized on the failure of the hall management to fix a hole in the wall

At least five University of Lagos (UNILAG) girls thought they would be raped when a man, Tuesday morning, broke into their room after “passing through” the walls of their hostel.

The terrified female residents of Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH) of the school, however, seem fortunate as their attacker only made away with a laptop, some phones, cash and some other stuff.

One of the victims of the robbery, which took place between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. said not a single security guard showed up during the ordeal.

Her words: “All the security men were nowhere to be found and I wonder how they couldn’t hear the man break into the hall. Nowhere is safe anymore. God guide and protect us all.”

Eye witnesses say the man gained entrance into the female hostel via a hole in the wall near one of the bathrooms on the ground floor. The hole was just covered with a door rather than repaired. The man then entered one of the rooms, woke the all-female occupants and commanded them to handover their valuables.

It was gathered the man had to slap one of the girls who was awake when he broke into the room in order to generate her compliance.

No other act of violence was, however, invoked as the other girls, visibly shaken, as one of them told Newsray later on, cooperated with their invader so as to avoid any other act beyond the intended robbery.

It is unclear how much cash was taken from the victims as most of them declined comments for security reasons.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof Olukayode Amund, who visited the scene earlier in the morning said the incident will be properly investigated and the perpetrator brought to book.

The robbery seemed to be particularly worrisome as it came barely a week after a man broke into another female hostel, Moremi Hall, of the university at about 2 a.m. and walked out alive with over N9000, about six laptops and 16 smart phones (most of them blackberries) in just one hour.

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