Buhari/Fashola ticket is the best for 2015 – El-Rufai

El-Rufai believes Lagos State Gov. Babatunde Fashola (pictured) is the ideal Vice-President for 2015.

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai believes a presidential/VP candidacy of Muhammed Buhari and Lagos governor Babatunde Fashola is all Nigeria come 2015.

He made the comment, Sunday, while replying to tweets from his followers @elrufai14m.

When a follower @TimZwal asked: “Who do u think will b d best n most accountable or reliable presidential candidate from APC,” El-Rufai answered: “Buhari ..fashola” and added in reply to another tweet from @lawee007 that the APC has the political will to restructure Nigeria.

El-Rufai also cleared the air on rumours that Lagos Pastor Tunde Bakare left the fledging Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). He tweeted: “not true” in reply to “@danielakinlami who asked: “There are rumours that Pastor Bakare has left CPC & not in support of APC! Please, is this true?”

@TimZwal: “Who do u think will b d best n most accountable or reliable presidential candidate from APC #AskElRufai” Buhari ..fashola”

Here his replies to a few other tweets:

@Busybie2: #AskElRufai Do u also think it is d turn of d north 4 presidency?” …I do not believe in turn-by-turn leadership…merit only..

@Lukuman9: Will u accept a ministerial post in the Goodluck administration if called? @elrufai #AskElRufai”….never….

@sukola: #askelrufai, how. will you describe your relationship. with Atiku Abubakar?”….we have no relationship….next question!

@lawee007: #AskElRufai how true is it that the APC is thinking of bringing in Tambuwal as presidential candidate in 2015?”…PDP rumour…

@MukhtarAdam02: When will APC be presented officially to Nigerians? Can’t wait! #AskElRufai”….by God’s Grace before end ofApril…

@indabawaa: #AskElRufai how certain are U,that this so call merger is the answer for 2015?”…there are no certainties in life, just try…

@danielakinlami: #AskElRufai What will be the way forward for the merger if at d end APGA never agree to be part of APC?”…their loss…

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