Poll: Do you support the scrapping of NECO and UTME?

2 thoughts on “Poll: Do you support the scrapping of NECO and UTME?

  1. Scrapping of NECO is one step forward and ten steps bacward. I view the proposal as policy summersult. It is illogical and naive decision to think of scrapping NECO. Thinking of scrapping NECO the only examination syndicate of the country, for the country and created by the patroitic citizens of the country is amounting to take Nigeria back to colonial era. It will equally be right for this government to hand over the soveriegnty of the country back to our colonial masters. All reports of all what is hapening in NECO, let it adress the oroblems not thinking of scrpoing the examination body.

  2. Itz illogical to think at this time that NECO should be scrapped.
    What happens to all already existing certificates of students since 13yrs ago, the staff to be laid off, care of the masses who see NECO as the saviour.

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