Day of Blood! 39 lives wasted in Taraba religious violence

About 39 people have been reported killed in a clash between Christians and Muslims at a funeral of a traditional leader in Wukari Town, Taraba.

Reports say a Christian funeral procession was passing through a predominantly Muslim area with some members of the group chanting provocative slogans which angered the residents.

At the aftermath of the bloody clash which broke out many people were killed with an aid worker telling the press that many bodies have been collected so far with more bodies being discovered.

“We have so far compiled a death toll of 39 people while 30 others were seriously injured,” state police spokesman Joseph Kwaji on Saturday.

He continued saying the situation is currently under control and the police is ”awaiting a comprehensive report” on the incident.

Kwaji disclosed that another 30 people had been seriously injured. The state government has imposed a 24 hour curfew on Wukari to prevent another round of violence from breaking out.

Source: YNaija.

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