Messi: I’ve not spoken to Guardiola since he left Barca

Messi and Guardiola

Lionel Messi has said he has not been in contact with Pep Guardiola since the former Barcelona coach left Camp Nou last year. 

Messi clinched three consecutive Ballon d’Or crowns under the tutorship of the former Blaugrana midfielder, but the Argentine sensation has revealed he has not spoken with the soon-to-be Bayern Munich boss during his break from the game this season.

“I haven’t spoken to Guardiola since he left,” Mess said in an interview with El Grafico, before adding: “I don’t see him leading the Argentina team, as they would not allow a foreign coach.”

Messi then commented on light-hearted discussion amongst supporters that the combination of the 25-year-old and Pope Francis leaves Alejandro Sabella’s side as certainties to win the World Cup.

“It amused me when it was said that, with Messi and the Pope, Argentina can win the World Cup. This is not mathematically the case!” he quipped.

Finally, Messi once more insisted that personal records mean little to him after enjoying another superb season in front of goal.

“I don’t play football to break records,” he added.

Source: Yahoo Sport.

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