How Nigeria squanders millions on generators its foreign missions don’t need

Defying logic, and  objections from lawmakers, the Nigerian government has channeled nearly a quarter of a billion Naira this year to fueling and maintaining electricity generators in its embassies abroad, when many of the missions have no such need, as their host nations provide stable power supply.

These missions include those located in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as China and several dozens of developed, or emerging nations.

Despite paying N523 million for electricity charges in 2013, the embassies will spend an extra N170 million to power generators they have no need for, in a bizarre spending spree that surprises even ambassadors who are expected to deploy the cash.

The figure is expected to cover N117 million for fueling and N51.9 million for maintenance of plants in some 100 foreign missions. This is more than double what would be needed if  strictly deserving nations were considered as has been done in years past.

An extensive review of previous federal budgets, and interviews with government officials show how the allocation, now part of the 2013 Appropriation Act, brushed aside a policy that previously ensured such funds went only to missions with electricity troubles- mainly in Africa, and other third world regions.

Check out PREMIUM TIMES for full gist.

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