Let Abati be—Femi Adeshina

Femi Adeshina

The chairman of Nigerian Guild of Editors, Mr. Femi Adeshina, has told Nigerians to respect the decision of Mr. Reuben Abati to work for the federal government.

His words: “Let’s respect Reuben Abati’s decision to work for the Nigerian government.
“Although some people use Journalism as a stepping stone to political posts, Abati’s decision is personal and there no rule that says you must remain a journalist forever.”

Mr Reuben Abati, once a critic of Nigerian government took the offer of President Goodluck Jonathan’s media adviser much to the displeasure of most Nigerians.
Polls and media feelers indicate that that decision did not augur well with Nigerian who felt betrayed by what they believed was one of the strongest voices of reason against leadership failure and irresponsibility.

Mr Femi Adeshina, while answering questions after a public lecture he delivered at the fourth editon of Academic Summit of the Mass Communication students of the University of Lagos, Thursday, said Nigerians should just leave Mr. Abati alone because every one has a right to choose their own path.

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