Globacom and its despicable practice of corporate fraud, theft and lies

By Rotimi Akinola

When Glo deducted N7600 and an extra 3g data bundle from my line, my initial reaction was to let the issue go and move on. But I later realized, after giving the incident a second thought that “moving on” after an “insignificant” oppression like this happen is one of the major contributors to the decadence in our society.

It all happened on Saturday, September 21, 2013, when I bought and registered a new Glo line. The line was activated and the confirmation was sent to my phone. I subscribed for the Glo 3g Blackberry data bundle and received the confirmation.

I was however surprised after I recharged N7500 that same Saturday and subscribed for the Glo 8g Maxi Plan for modem. The N7500 was deducted but my 8g never came.

In despair, I called Glo customer care line (121) and lodged the complaint. I was told that my recharge history could not be found because the network was undergoing an upgrade. I was, however, assured that the problem would be fixed once the system is “refreshed.” That “refreshing” is yet to take place.

I spoke with 16 customer care agents within the space of six days and 12 of them told me the same “refreshing” story.

I was told to call 444 which Glo claimed is in charge of modem subscription. I did and I still do but the number keep saying: “Sorry, you call cannot be processed on this line. Please dial 121.”

I called back again to inform them of this and they told me to hold on for 48 hours after which 444 will notify me I could put a call through. The 48 hours expired on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, and I am still not able to call the modem care line.

The 10th customer care agent I spoke with was different, though. He told me the issue was already resolved and that I would get my data bundle immediately I dropped the call. I was so happy. I even attached a providential coincidence to it seeing that Glo is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the 10th customer care agent just fixed my problem. Just imagine that for a news headline.

“Agent 10”could even sense my happiness as I lost my composure and started pouring gratitude on him. The agent was very modest or so I thought because, like the gentle man I thought he was, he declined taking the glory. He instead said “thank God, no problem.” I dropped the call and waited for my data bundle to arrive…one hour…two… but nothing happened. Agent 10 lied to me. He told me what I wanted to hear to get me off his back. Glo took my money and then lied to me. That is the height of all corporate greed. How sad.

I decided to pay a visit to the Glo office at Fadeyi, Lagos, to register my complaints. I went with all the cards I loaded and told the agents to verify if I made the recharges or not. They ignored the verification of the cards.

I was attended to by one Mr. Akin who told me I was using the “pay as you browse” or “PAY U” plan as the *127*1# code I dialed did not go through.

Mr. Akin, whose attention was divided between his computer screen and the movie showing on the television screen hung on the office wall, specifically told me that I browsed up to the volume of N5, 000. If that was the case, I should have a remaining balance of N2500 plus a 3g Blackberry bundle on my line.

On that same Glo line I had a 3g blackberry plan, an extra N100 and a recharge of N7, 500. The data bundle, the N7600 was deducted from my line without any value being delivered.

The very last agent that I called on Thursday (Nonso by name) was the one who dropped the bomb. She told me I should have waited for the confirmation of the data subscription before inserting the SIM card into my modem. She also said I used up the credit to the zero level. That was actually a contradiction of the N5000 Mr. Akin said I used.

Even if I used up N7600 in five minutes without any video or software download or upload, what happened to the 3g Blackberry bundle on my line?

This is one of the sad examples of corporate greed and corruption. It is even bad that Glo customer care (or deceiving) agents will lie to subscribers and make promises that they’ll never fulfill.

On Thursday, September 26, 2013, I sent a message to Glo concerning the issue and here is their reply.

“Good evening Rotimi, you recharged and sent the USSD code, *127*1#. The code you used is not valid, therefore no plan was given… Please ensure that you subscribe to a valid plan and confirm your subscription before you browse. The plans available for modems include: Always Max: 8GB for 30days @ 7500naira (*127*1#)…”

Can you imagine that? The code is Glo’s official code for the plan I subscribed for but it is “invalid” so no data was given. Yet my money was deducted.

When I later found out that Glo charges N51.20 for every one megabit my mind quickly flew back to the early days of telecommunications in Nigeria when MTN charged N50 for every one second of call.

I remember vividly how Glo came into the market with the Charley Boy advert where the music artist ate half of a banana and paid for only that. That very advert revolutionized the telecoms sector and forced networks to reduce their call rates.

Unfortunately, Glo has now become worse than the “monster” it is struggling to unseat.

Glo cannot treat an American the way they have treated me. I am a Nigerian, an adult human with all full rights under the Nigerian constitution. I may not have much today but I refuse to be treated like an animal in my own country.

Finally, I want to encourage Globacom to go to court if they find the title of this article libelous. But before they do that, I’ll like them to refund my N7600 plus the 3g Blackberry data I never used or just give me my 11g data bundle.

Below are the serial and batch numbers of the cards I loaded on my Glo line (08112172676). Note that S and B stands for serial and batch numbers respectively.

The N1000 cards

S410334602949383, B1103130624949

S410731005997442, B1107130660994

S410731005743865, B1107130660741

The N500 cards

S450631006610290, B1006130650607

S450631006610293, B1006130650607

S450631006510292, B1006130650607

S450631006610291, B1006130650607

S450631006610297, B1006130650607

S450631006610296, B1006130650607

S450631006610295, B1006130650607

S450631006610294, B1006130650607

S450631006609842, B1006130650607

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