Wole Soyinka stops journalist from taking photo

Professors and their idealism. A photojournalist was at the receiving end of that on Thursday at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) during a Wole Soyinka public, boring, lecture (check my tweets!) at J. P. Clark’s 80th birthday.

No sooner had the Nobel Laureate begun the lecture than an over-zealous “photonewser” stepped on the podium for a close shot.

“Excuse me…don’t…don’t distract me,” Soyinka protested politely.

And that was it. No pictures till Soyinka finished the lecture the high moment of which was when he wished he could miss his own funeral because it would be attended by VIPs who never did the right thing. Just imagine! Acute Ideology Syndrome (AIS).

All my efforts to famz the African Face of Literature proved abortive as he, in usual contravention of protocol, was outta the Main Aud before I could blink.

But I was lucky to have taken two shots of that awkward moment when he stopped the photojournalist as I was actually playing with the camera on my Techno P5 to avoid the hypnotic voice range of the old man.



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