UNILAG “police” arrests man for smoking marijuana

"Please don't disgrace me," he begged

The authorities of the University of Lagos have toughened their stance towards students and non-students who feel they can smoke pot at will within the school’s premises.

Security officials caught one young man (names unknown) red-handed on Monday morning while he was lighting the “blau”.

A source close to the media happened to be right on the spot when they handcuffed him (that’s illegal though) and threatened to drag him to their security HQ – the Alpha Base.

“Don’t disgrace me please I won’t do it again,” the source said she heard the man (don’t ask me if he is a student) beg the security officials.

The “men in blue” or “Baba Blue” security personnel eventually agreed to let him go but said he would have to follow them to Alpha Base where they would look for the key (probably the only one they have) to unlock the cuffs.

The security men told our source the man’s offence when she asked them but refused to reveal his name or state the exact spot where they arrested him.

They didn’t know the source took a few pictures while the handcuffing and pleading scene of the story played out.

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