One dead in YabaTech SUG election violence

By Rotimi Akinola

At least one person have been killed at the Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech) after student union government (SUG) elections turned violent.

I have not been able to verify if the victim of the suspected cult clash was a student. Yaba Tech is situated on the Lagos Mainland.

“There was fighting tonight and one person have been killed,” a YabaTech student, who was contesting one of the electoral posts, told me, Monday night.

“Some people have used the elections as an avenue to settle old scores,” an on air personality whose sister schools in YabaTech told me over BBM chat, Monday.

“The police are patrolling the area now and calm may return soon,” he said.

Multiple sources say the police did not arrive the scene until the deed was done.

I have not been able to get in touch with the police and the school authorities.

SUG in Nigeria is synonymous with violence.

In 2005, violent clashes forced authorities at the University of Lagos to suspend the SUG. The ban was lifted recently.

To clamp down on cultism, YabaTech authorities had to embark on a public naming of suspected cultists a while ago.

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