4 kids rewarded for fixing road government apparently neglected

Spoiler alert: These children wouldn’t be here if the people in government did their job.

​These children are surely among the most patriotic Nigerians alive.

Here’s what sports and youth minister Solomon Dalung share on Facebook, alongside the photos:

I found something patriotically fascinating about these little children, so I disembarked from the car to take a closer look at what they were doing, the road had some potholes and in their wisdom, they took out time to fill-up the potholes even with no financial rewards. This got me enthralled and  I offered them my widow mite but most importantly we rubbed minds on issues that concerned their wellbeing and education. 

I shall make a follow up to promote this noble spirit, our patriotism as Nigerians was originally like this, so selfless until it got compromised at adulthood. As we work towards correcting the dysfunctional system, noble characters typical of these children’s own must be encouraged.

May God bless my country Nigeria. Amen.

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