Floating toilet: Bayelsa lawmaker empowers people to degrade their own environment

Warning: post contains the words “shit” and “bullshit”. Oops! Said it already. Sorry!

Do you know Makoko and Oko-Agbon in Lagos? I do. When I was younger, the waters were cleaner than the swimming pool in five star hotels.

We used to swim, fish and sometimes (everytime, actually) shit inside the water. My grandma lived in Oko-Agbon.

Our faeces and other factors later contributed to the embarrassing look and unfriendly odour the aqua body now wears. I apologise. It was long ago. And I was dumber than I am.

That’s why this doesn’t make sense to me. This 👇

Bayelsa State House of Assembly member Kate Owoko built an “ultra-modern” floating toilet for her community, and she invited the press to its commissioning.

She’s practically empowering the people to destroy their own environment. She’s a lawmaker. She could have introduced bills to curb this kind of environmental degradation.

This is bullshit!

She invited the press to the commissioning of a toilet! And that’s off enough, but not that bad. This toilet will help the people destroy waters from which the people (like fishermen) make a living.

What do you think about this story?

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