​Remember Joachim Iroko? He was the Ogun-based trader who named his dog after President Muhammadu Buhari “because I love the president”.

The decision didn’t go down well with neighbours who hailed from northern Nigeria, who also adore the president. Police feared they could attack Joachim and so arrested him “for his own safety”.

They later accused the man of trying to disrupt public peace.

One of Joachim’s accusers said he named his dog Buhari in order to spite the president as well as spite his own (the accuser’s) father who also answers Buhari.

Joachim was later dragged to court. Human rights lawyers Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa and Inibehe Effiong defended the Buhari-loving dog owner for free.

A Magistrate Court sitting in Otta today struck out a case as Joachim’s accusers refused to show up.

Joachim is now a free man.

*Featured photo: Joachim (middle) with lawyers in Ogun State on Tuesday.


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