Photos: “Yahoo boy paraded unclad after trying to use girlfriend for money ritual”

A suspected cyber fraudster (Yahoo boy) was caught in the act while trying to take his trade to a diabolical level.

He allegedly attempted using his girlfriend for money ritual but was exposed this morning after the girl reportedly screamed for help.

“The Yahoo guy was caught early this morning with a coffin,” Facebook user S MG Onibiyo wrote with pictures of the suspect. He said he got the information from a “very reliable source”.

“As he finished having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend he immediately stood up and tied a red piece of cloth on his penis and started reciting some incantation when the girl raised alarm from the room.

“The girl’s noise attracted the attention of the people around who then subsequently rushed to the room, forced the door open and behold…trying to kill his girlfriend for money ritual,” Onibiyo wrote.

He said the incident happened at Palace Road, Oginigba, Trans-Amadi Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The suspect was paraded naked.

In Nigeria, internet fraudsters are known to use charms to subdue their targets who are increasingly getting smarter.

Unrepentant Yahoo boys frustrasted with the dwindling number of dumb targets or “magas” are turning to money rituals. Ladies beware.

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