Lagos: Community gates sealed as resident won’t pay security levies

Residents of Ifelodun community in Somolu, Lagos, owing security levies were barred from going to work this morning.

Community leaders sealed the gates leading into the environment informing those living in houses where levies were owed they had to pay up before they could step outside the gates.

“We have agreed that security levies be paid three months in advance but many residents have ignored this,” a community leader told me.

“We need money to pay guards who stay awake in the cold of the night watching over our sleeping heads,” he said.

Some residents complained that the leaders sent no reminder for the levies. 

“Two days ago, I was informed our house owe N7,500. It told them we’ll call a meeting and send the money only to wake up to this,” a resident said.

“They’re now collecting money from individuals at the gate. I don’t know how they’ll reconcile their accounts this way.

“There’s a better way. They could have sent reminders to everyone like they do when calling for community meetings. They didn’t,” he said.

Community leaders were unfazed. They insisted sealing the gates was the best way to make owing residents pay.

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