Buhari is dead

*This post has been updated.

A northern Nigeria sorry tale allegedly executed by a jealous heart has ended in a graver story – that of one-way journey to the great beyond.

He’s dead.

The Niger State boy whose penis was, in June, 2016, allegedly knifed by a demonically envious stepmother is no more. He was two months old at the time.

His stepmother, Bara’atu Rabiu, 17, who was arrested and remanded in prison, was said to be jealous Buhari’s mother bore their husband a son.

Buhari Dauda died in Wada village, in the Shiroro Local Government Area of the state, the Director General of the Child Rights Agency, Mariam Kolo, said.

But it was something else that killed him.

Buhari apparently suffered a mosquito bite, developed malaria to which his body later succumbed despite being treated for the condition.

According to UNICEF, “malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, about 3000 children every day. Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa” where Nigeria is located.
Late Buhari had surgeries to correct the mutilation his stepmother allegedly inflicted on him. He was slated for a genital transplant in the UK before malaria came along.

Buhari was named after Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari who rewrote history by defeating incumbent Goodluck Jonathan after contesting for president four times.

President Buhari has, unfortunately, been away from office for over 90 days now after temporarily handing power over to deputy Yemi Osinbajo over ill health.

The President is being treated in London, UK. He said he didn’t know when he would return.

He also hasn’t told Nigeria the nature of his ill health. A presidential aide said those demanding transparency in that regard were being “disrespectful”.

*Update: I erroneously stated earlier in the story Buhari’s step mother died in detention. I’ve edited the error. I’m sorry.

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