Imo: “Boy shot dead as government demolish Owerri market”

​GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Post contains images you may find very disturbing.

A 10-year-old boy was reportedly shot dead by security operatives as state officials demolished a market in Owerri, Imo State, on Saturday.

I’m not in on all the details and I haven’t spoken to government sources regarding the tragic incident.

Blogger Chris Kehinde Nnwadu (CKN) shared photos from the scene on Facebook this morning

Slain: Boy’s body is carried from Owerri market after deadly shooting.

Scroll down to see other (GRAPHIC) images.

He said a certain journalist Ebube Okeoma confirmed the killing of young boy.

Imo UPDATE: 3 reported killed in Owerri, govt media says it because protesters fought themselves

Apparently, one “Jones” had allegedly lied about the killing as government was accused of trying to cover up the tragedy.

Here’s what CKN said Okeoma said:

“The wicked Jones said nobody was shot dead and my journalistic instinct led me into an investigation. 

“I met the man at Oguamanam Street and the sorrowful father could not hold back tears. 

“There are things you don’t politicize as one of the things is death.

“Jones, May God treat you the way you have  politicized the gruesome death of this innocent lad.”

What do you think about this story?

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