Ex presidential spokesperson Segun Adeniyi apologises to victimised UNILAG student Femi Adeyeye

ThisDay editorial board chair, Segun Adeniyi, has publicly apologised to a University of Lagos (UNILAG) student he apparently “black-sheeped” for doing a noble thing.

Femi Adeyeye criticised UNILAG management on Facebook for its refusal to dialogue with students who demanded humane treatment on campus.

“The man showed real maturity and sense of civility.” – Adeyeye.

Instead of talking with its own students, UNILAG called police to evict them, banned the students union, shut the school, and forced students into relinquishing their rights to peaceful protests via an indemnity form top Nigerian lawyers condemned. The school also rusticated Adeyeye alongside 10 others for exercising their rights to free speech. The school also rusticated a visually impaired student and another critic who already graduated, retracing its steps only after stakeholders raised alarm online.

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While speaking with BAZE University students in Abuja late September, Adeniyi, who was media aide to late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua, warned his audience not to follow Adeyeye’s path as doing so could damage their careers.

“It is almost always a bad idea to use social media to drag your teachers, school or place of work,” Adeniyi said.

“It is worse when you are still associated with such organizations,” he said.

He then used Adeyeye as a case in point.

wrote an open letter to Adeniyi on Thursday baring my mind on why following his admonition could be inimical to social progress. What if my boss raped me? What if a lecturer assaulted me and the school refused to take necessary action? What if they said they fumigated the hostels and we still warred with bedbugs? What if I raised the issue with the management and they refused to listen. Should I suffer in silence and fear, or should I take the matter into public space? That was my line of reasoning.

I shared the letter on Twitter, Facebook and also mailed Adeniyi the link. Adeyeye also retweeted a post where I also mentioned the ThisDay boss who then apologised on the thread.

The media guru has done the right thing but he won’t be getting any medals. This is how it is done in saner climes, the saner climes to which many Nigerians would rather escape — you call out authorities, they see their error and apologise and everyone moves on.

This is good for our democracy.

“The man showed real maturity and sense of civility,” Adeyeye told me after Adeniyi’s apology.

Oh the progress we’d have made had Nigerian leaders been this reasonable!

9 thoughts on “Ex presidential spokesperson Segun Adeniyi apologises to victimised UNILAG student Femi Adeyeye

  1. Yunusa Qudus your children will suffer from your myopic way of thinking (that’s if you have one)

    This country is like this today because of elders( that’s if you are one?)like you who think like babies

    Like I said before don’t comment when you have no reasonable thing to say

    You need to

  2. @Yunusa Qudus. Femi Adeyeye will do well without the kind of employment the oppressors will offer.

    He would get jobs without a certificate or interview. He has made a name for himself. He did not mince words, in fact I thought he was rude but, he stood for the what’s right. He is brave.

  3. Wow….so the man has apologised?! Are we sure this man is from Nigeria? He apologised! Ha!

    1. Which God? Femi is very stupid. Adeniyi is definiteley right. Will you give Femi job tomorrow when he’s looking for employment? You youths of nowadays are too arrogant and proud. Someone is telling you the truth you are talking rubbish. Noncsesne!

      1. And you elders that are loyal were have you taking the country to with your dictatorship system of leadership… You want the youths to obey you even when you are clearly wrong… Grow up…

      2. You lack conscience
        It’s people like you that are spoiling this nation
        If you continue this way growth will be far from you

        Just keep your mouth shut when you have no reasonable thing to say

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