SHOCKER! “Prepaid meters for ONLY customers who DON’T pay their bills” – Ikeja Eletric

Nigeria’s electricity (more like, darkness) establishment is rotten to the marrow! They won’t give you light, but will send crazy bills. If you ask for prepaid meter which should balance the scales, they tender useless excuses. I’ve heard many. What they told my friend ranks high among the ridiculous. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. But I’m sad.

Read Matthew’s story…


Those were the words of acting marketing manager at Bariga/Gbagada branch of Ikeja Electric.

On the morning of Friday, November 10, 2017, it dawned on me that for some time now, we had not been having light regularly and I thought of demanding or applying for a prepaid meter.

I went to their office and I asked to see the marketing manager but was told to see the acting manager in person of one Mrs Bukky. I told her why I came and that every month we do over pay, that is, pay above the bill given to us.

She simply said there’s no meter. I reminded her that I still got one for a property I manage after paying N200,000 that the tenant that left the apartment was owning.

She then said “now you are talking”. She said we would have gotten a prepaid meter if we were owning and we cleared the bills. I shouted again and again in shock.

I asked why it was so, but she kept mute till I left that place.

What this mean is if you are a debtor and you clear your bills, that is only when you are entitled to prepaid meter. I asked her what of good guys like us but there was no response.

Our only sin is that we have tried to offset every crazy, mad, killing and corrupted bills by Ikeja Electric. I would never have paid those crazy bills if not for the fact that I share meter with my landlady. I thought she never mean what she was saying but I could see she mean every bit of it.

My people, the only way to get prepaid meter according to acting manager Mrs Bukky is to OWE BILLS, by then you may be given a prepaid meter. 

Should in case you want to take this up, kindly call me, Matthew on 08069310992. I will be ready to testify against her anytime.

What do you think about this story?

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