VIDEO: “Sinners have no right to lecture us about tithes” – Pastor Ashimolowo tells Daddy Freeze

Pastor Ashimolowo has “destroyed” Daddy Freeze over tithe criticism. He said a man who beats his wife and children, and drinks alcohol should “shut up and let us speak”.

Ashimolowo unleashed the attack without mentioning Daddy Freeze’s name.

The KICC pastor was speaking at TREM’s annual convention. He said he wanted to settle the tithe matter once and for all. But many of the “truths” he unleashed could be nothing but distortions of the scriptures.

See my Twitter thread about Ashimolowo’s tithe sermon 👇

Let me ask, should a man of God attack a critic’s character the way Ashimolowo seemed to have done to Daddy Freeze? And why? Because of tithing?

What do you think about this story?

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