Benue killings: Governor Ortom stoned, “choke” as police teargas, shoot protesters

Police and soldiers deployed to stop a peaceful demonstration in Benue State fired warning shots to disperse the gathering.

Armed security personnel reportedly fired teargas to disperse demonstrators who blocked Enugu-Makurdi highway on Wednesday vowing not to retreat till President Muhammadu Buhari stopped herdsmen from killing villagers in the state.

WATCH: Protest in Benue over herdsmen terrorism

Benue governor Samuel Ortom visited the scene to address protesters who angrily pelted him with stones. Police then opened fire to disperse the crowd.

The governor inhaled teargas and had to be taken in a bus to the government house. A protester who was in the bus shared on Facebook how the governor showed no pity for the people and even, according to her, said “I shouldn’t have come here”.

Later at government house, Ortom, according to DailyTrust,  called for the arrest of Myetti-Allah Kautal Hore leadership. He believed the group was behind recent killings.

His words:

“You can feel the anger and pain of the people from the incident that happened this afternoon. We can’t solve this problem by creating another because two wrongs cannot make a right.“The right thing for the federal government to do is to rise up to its responsibility and arrest the leadership of Kautal Hore. If the federal government does not do that, then, they are telling us (Benue) that we are not part of Nigeria and that would be unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, police and soldiers are still trying to remove protesters from the Enugu-Makurdi road blockade.

Witnesses say many protesters have been injured.

EDIT: Story edited to show Ortom was driven to state house in a bus not ambulance.

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