(VIDEO) Herdsmen terrorism: Government deploy armed police, soldiers after protesters shut Enugu-Makurdi road over Benue killings

Benue State government banned open grazing. This hasn’t stopped herdsmen from killing people in the area.

Protesters have accused President Buhari of paying lip service to the protection of human life. They have blocked Enugu-Makurdi highway and vowed not to move till the authorities act.

A protester libeblogging the peaceful demonstration on Facebook shared photos and videos of armed police and soldiers at the scene.

I wonder which is easier, protecting lives or stopping inevitable protests when you repeatedly fail to do so.

A military source told the media late 2017 they were ordered not to kill terrorist herdsmen but to only fire warning shots. Let that sink in. Even if these killers are on rampage, the military MUST not kill them to protest human lives. Let that sink in.

What do you think about this story?

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