#BenueKillings: DSS invades Isa El-Buba’s church over anti-Fulani-herdsmen-terror sermon

While the bloodsuckers who wasted over 70 lives in Benue State remain at large, Nigeria’s secret service have gone after a pastor for condemning President Muhammadu Buhari’s handling of the killings.

DSS invaded Prophet Isa El-Buba’s church in Jos yesterday evening, an official who witnessed the intimidation told me this morning.

El-Buba, after recent herdsmen attack on unharmed men, women and children in Benue, with many of the victims butchered like cows, blasted Buhari for failing to protect Nigerians like he swore he would.

El-Buba was all hail and fire when he told Nigerians to arm themselves with voters cards and get ready to vote Buhari out in 2019 should the president seek reelection.

A message to young Nigerians ahead of 2019

He urged farming communities to be ready to defend themselves in the event of another attack. When did it become a crime to ask people to exercise their right to self-defense?

Well, as I predicted, the DSS are now after him. They, according to an official who spoke with me, invaded El-Buba’s church on Monday but couldn’t whisk him away as church service was on.

The official told me they’re expecting the DSS to return today. The Monday arrest failed because “there was massive ressitance from the youth,” the church later told me.

The attempted arrest happened on the same day Buhari met Benue leaders in Abuja urging them to “in the name of God accommodate your brothers (herdsmen)”.

The leaders and the people of Benue have rejected plans by the Buhari government to set up cattle colonies (or grazing reserves) for herdsmen who repeatedly take human lives whenever their farm wrecking cows are stolen or killed.

The Nigerian government and security agencies repeatedly calls the attack “communal clashes”.

Herdsmen have openly said they attacked farming communities for “killing our cows”.

Repeated clashes, or attacks if you like, show Nigeria doesn’t take the security of its people seriously. Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi recently alleged local militia in Mambila, Taraba State, killed 800 Fulani herdsmen with their wives and children. 800! Although the allegation were made to counter narratives that herdsmen were always the ones inflicting deadly casualties, the fact that 800 Nigerians could be slaughtered without serious police investigation and prosecution showed the Nigerian government places no premium on human lives.

But the story is different when family members of elite politicians are involved. It was one of the things that got El-Buba in trouble. He asked why Buhari, who found time to visit his son in hospital after he crashed on a motorbike, couldn’t visit families of Benue victims.

“The president should be father to the entire nation,” the pastor said.

This guy could also get in trouble for speaking out. 👇

3 thoughts on “#BenueKillings: DSS invades Isa El-Buba’s church over anti-Fulani-herdsmen-terror sermon

  1. Nobody is fooled by the arrogant insolence of a biased aFederal govt.Prove to me that we have an all inclusive legislation and common measures for applying sanctions when men and groups violate our laws and so called Constitution.Y you can fool soma people some of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time. The originator of that statement knew what he was talking about.It doesn’t matter how much they think they can intimidate the rest of us,let them just know that our mumu don do.Cattle rearing is not the only affected occupation in Nigeria.Woe to them that call evil good.Divine punishments will befall their first born sons and they will have little personal taste of what their conspiracies have done to the rest us . May they just stop the hypocrisy,ee can guess where their sympathy lies.They know themselves but God is not mocked.They can’t pocket Nigeria and Nigerians. The evil they delight in will consume them!!!

  2. True bro… Dead tired of all these killings. I’ll gladly kill if it will guarantee the security of the lives of others

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