Benin City: Riot in Edo after “police pushed about-to-be married man onto path of speeding truck” (VIDEO)

Soldiers were, Tuesday, deployed to the streets of Benin City, Edo State after riot broke out over alleged police killing (or killings).

A young cab driver was said to be with his fiancee along Murtala Mohammed Way by Igun Junction,Third East Circular, when police allegedly demanded for a bribe. The couple reportedly had their wedding coming up this month.

The young man reportedly offered police N1,750 which they refused. An argument ensued during which an officer allegedly pushed the man onto the path of a moving truck which ran him down splattering his brain in the process, and in the presence of his wife that now will never be.

Some witnesses said the argument was over a N100 bribe the young man rightly refused to give. There are reports another motorist was killed in the process.

The scene degenerated into chaos with truck drivers and furious “area boys” burning government vehicles including police trucks.

Roads were blocked resulting in serious traffic jam in various parts of the state. Businesses closed early to avoid being caught in the violent protests.

Reports say soldiers were deployed to restore order but had to call for reinforcement after they were overwhelmed by angry mobs.

I heard some police officers were injured in reprisal attacks. Rumours even had it that one was killed.

Witnesses say police usually mount road blocks along buzzing road sections in the state to extort motorists who usually comply with a frown.

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