“Senator T. A. Orji and his son want me dead!” — ex media aide Don Norman cries out


Press Release

Help! Senator Theodore Orji, his son, Chinedum Orji want to kill me.

On Wednesday 25th April 2018 gunmen dressed in Mobile Police Uniform came to my children’s school premises within Ajah Lekki Lagos requesting to see the proprietress to deliver a letter to her. On seeing her they instead apprehended and forcefully demanded from her to show and release my children to them.

The confused lady sensing danger however told them that the children are SSCE final year students sitting for their WAEC and unfortunately were not in school that Wednesday but will be around on Thursday for their final paper.

Unknown to them that they had been tricked they therefore struck a deal with the lady to keep their presence and discussion away from the children or me till the next day being Thursday 26th, April 2018. The lady who had pretended to have acquiesced in their plan quietly put a call across to me after they left and we both agreed to play along.

Then at about 11am Thursday 26th, April 2018, they returned to the school premises again only to be told by the school security personnel that the proprietress was not on the seat and that the so called children they were looking for were done with their final papers since Tuesday, 24th, April 2018.

The gunmen at that point demanded that the school management open my children’s file so they can have details of my address or alternatively one of the staffers of the school should take them to my house. As the argument continued, the proprietress worried that they might succeed in intimidating the staff into doing their bidding called me to leave the house if I were in Lagos or stay in a safe place.

Unfortunately this came after a day (Monday 23rd April 2018) when someone put a call across to me and unequivocally revealed to me that some men who disguised as police officers have been sent to Lagos to track me down, arrest and ensure that I was assassinated without traces.

I have been having a running battle with Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji, the immediate past governor of Abia State and presently the Senator representing Abia Central on his breach of our contractual agreement and his refusal to pay me my outstanding balance.

And recently I have been publishing news stories revealing the misappropriation of funds and awards of questionable contracts running to hundreds of billions of naira by the Abia State government between 2007 through 2015.

I am therefore convinced that Senator Orji and his Son Hon. Chinedum Orji, who is the Abia State House of Assembly Majority Leader, are after me to assassinate me. My conviction is predicated on several life threatening text messages sent to my mobile phone by the later about a month ago.
I have a hunch that those men who invaded my children’s school were not police officers because of the method and desperation they applied in trying to track me down. I am not a criminal and had no criminal record anywhere in Nigeria. As a journalist, I had expected that real policemen would have invited me to the station formerly to answer to any allegation made against me.

I therefore call on the law enforcement agencies, all relevant authorities and Nigerians to note that my life and that of my children are in danger and whatever happens to me or any member of my family henceforth, Senator T.A Orji and his son, Hon. Chinedum Orji should be held responsible.


Don Norman Obinna,

Former Media Adviser to Sen. Orji and former Associate Editor New Telegraph Newspaper

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