Suspected herdsmen kidnap pastor, shoot some, rob many in Ekiti

A reliable source called on Saturday to tell me about suspected herdsmen/Boko Haram in Ekiti State.

He said it happened in Erio-Ita Ore (hope I got the names right) axis.

He helped drive one of the survivors, a lady, from Ekiti to Ibadan. He called me while driving the lady to a safe distance.

I spoke with the lady.

Gunmen, according to her, kidnapped a white garment church pastor and some others. She said at least four people were kidnapped. There could be more.

Attackers also shot some people who were taken to hospital.

The lady and others had valuables taken from them. They were the lucky ones.

FRSC, soldiers responded to the sad incident.

The attack happened around 4:30pm.

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