“Buhari slumped after meeting Trump”

Respected award-winning journalist Fisayo Soyombo who’s editor at the International Center for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) and former editor of TheCable wrote the following.

Last week, it was “rumoured” that while in the US, President Muhammadu Buhari collapsed in DC and was rushed to the UK. I spoke with a few trusted friends in the US and the UK; and as none could confirm, I dropped the story. One or two editors confirmed but they were afraid to publish. A few others wanted to publish, but they, like me, could not confirm 100% and therefore just couldn’t bring themselves to risking publishing it without sufficient evidence, knowing the APC’s spectacularly deceptive PR machinery.

The announcement late yesterday that Buhari is destined for another medical trip to the UK is proof that last week’s “rumour” was indeed a factual occurrence. Just the way Buhari’s media team lied vigorously that a “technical stopover” in the UK was responsible for the President’s two-day ‘disappearance’ after leaving the US on Tuesday, the oncoming UK medical trip would have been covered up had it been possible.

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, knowing when to quit is one of the hallmarks of integrity. You — and the closest people to you — know that age is catching up with you, like it will with everyone of us at some point. Age, just like death, is a fact of life; none of us can escape its consequences. If you were strong enough for the race ahead, your aides would have no need to lie about your two-day health detour to the UK.

You could bow out honourably in 2019 and Nigerians would instantly forget your numerous failings; if in doubt, ask Goodluck Jonathan!

And you could remain in office beyond 2019 at the detriment of your health and that of a country you profess to love. If in doubt, well, it is not in my place to tell you whom to ask.

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