It’s a lie, this ain’t the Church

By Rotimi Akinola

It would have been easy.

If Jesus wanted to build an institution, He would have just infiltrated Judaism, and reformed it from inside out…but He didn’t.

If He wanted to ascend the political throne, He would have used His leverage as someone from a royal lineage to canvass political support, takeover the state and expel the Romans from Israel… but He didn’t.

So you can relate with my angst when I see the leaders of our religious institutions pally with state authority to defraud common folks.

Check Islam out, there’s the belief that religion must be married with the administration of state. No knowledgeable Muslim will refute this. “Christianity” now believes in the same. They’re, just like so many others, both religions.

So what did Jesus come to do? He came to set people free from these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Has it ever occurred to you that Jesus had no problems with “sinners” whom He said were entering the Kingdom of God ahead of the “holy” religious throng?

But this same Jesus attacked the religious institutions of His days.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus refused to perform miracles before the kings of this world even when not doing so meant His death was certain?

“I’ve heard a lot about you, show me a trick,” a king had asked.

Jesus was like (in His mind), “Is this dude for real?” He didn’t show any. That’s in sharp contrasts to present day “men of God” who run after politicians and show them many tricks by the “power of God.”

The state and religion saw Jesus as a threat so He was executed (Twas God’s plan anyways). But our current politicians see the “men of God” as stepping stones to political power.

These pastors and bishops and reverends stand before their “church” members to testify to “how God granted me audience before His Excellency.”

These MOGs pray ceaselessly for their “church” members to become governors, legislators and political appointees so they could take their share of the national cake and donate to “God’s work.”

They repeatedly lie to their members that “money is the bicycle of the gospel.” And that’s true for their own kinda “gospel.”

They know that their “churches” would die without funds so they play all sorts of tricks and manipulations to milk money from their followers who are given the promises of financial prosperity, heavenly mansions; or threatened with curses and the fiery flames of hell.

Is this the Church Jesus is building? The Church He said even the leaders of hell cannot overcome? #ChurchGate

What do you think about this story?

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