BREAKING: Girl abducted in Lagos Church

By Rotimi Akinola

Olubunmi Ajelero was allegedly kidnapped in Church on Sunday

Don’t blink. Another kid has been abducted in the Surulere area of Lagos State.

Olubunmi Ajelero, apparently under four-yo, was reportedly kidnapped in Surulere Baptist Church, Sunday.

I got the info from @Gidi_Traffic on Twitter. The tweet was originally posted by Obadina Abayomi tweeting @tofutofa by 5:37pm local time.

See tweets…

I’m seriously hoping this turns out a hoax. It’s barely a week after we “solved” the Orekoya ish for crying out loud!

Oh gosh! This has better not be true. Look at that adorable kid. I don’t even know how old she is.

What do you think about this story?

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