Photos: UNILAG girls allegedly beat this guy up after he “broke into a female hostel”

Eyewitness said they found a sleep-inducing substance on the young man. If that’s true, it means the alleged robber was armed with chemical weapon.

The students were writing exams so they should be vulnerable to thefts.

The alleged “armed” robber reportedly broke into the all-female Moremi hostel of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) around 2am on Tuesday.

According to eyewitness accounts, he struggled with a female student who tried stopping him from “packing phones and laptops.”

The struggle continued inside the hostel room before hostel security intervened.

The guy was reportedly given a bashing and then handed over to the school’s security team.

Here the pictures a friend who witnessed the episode sent to me.

The suspected thief reportedly claimed "I'm not a thief. Someone called me here.'
"The guy was really dealt with," an eyewitness told me.

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