BREAKING: Non-Nigerians pray for Buhari in Guinea

Perhaps God would heal President Muhammadu Buhari now that prayers over his health have gone “foreign”.

We’re not talking about Nigerians in diaspora praying for our beloved president. We’re talking about people who carry no green passport taking time out to petition the Almighty to save Buhari.

The Nigerian president has been receiving medical treatment on foreign soil (London, UK) for over 70 days now.

Worshippers in mosques across Guinea have been praying for his health, BBC reported on Friday.

Buhari was due to visit Guinea since March but his trip has been postponed as the president battles failing health. He has refused to tell Nigerians what exactly is wrong with him.

The Guinean President Alpha Conde asked his country’s mosques to dedicate a day of prayers to Buhari’s recovery, and they did.

After Buhari started battling failing health this year, rumours of his death repeatedly dominated the media. This is July and Mr President hasn’t spent up to two months in official duty this 2017.

Before Buhari got elected into office, he criticised former president Umar Musa Yar’Adua for holding on to power despite being critically ill. Buhari himself has refused to resign making some Nigerians label him “hypocrite”.

Opposition figures have called for the president to step aside in the interest of the nation but Buhari himself said he was sitting tight in Nigeria’s best interest.

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