Dino Melaye: Drama continues as police surround senator’s house

Although police said they knew nothing about the detention of Dino Melaye at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport today, they have now surrounded the Kogi West senator’s Abuja.

Police had declared the senator wanted for murder. They also accused him of harming criminals. The Kogi West senator also allegedly lied to police to frame a senior figure in his home state after an alleged attempt on his (Melaye’s) life.

This is the first time police would attempt to arrest the senator who was barred from travelling to Morocco earlier today.

Immigration officers reportedly said the senator was on Interpol’s “no fly” list. The senator returned home only to be besieged by heavily armed officers.

Melaye blames his troubles with the police on Kogi govenor and fellow APC member Yahaya Bello with whom he seems involved in a battle for political supremacy.

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