Buhari vs IBB: “Rebuttal was issued by Babangida’s friends, son without father’s approval” — ThisDay

If the report coming from ThisDay is anything to go by, we may now be able to put the controversy surrounding Ibrahim Babangida’s attack on President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term agenda behind us.

Babangida (IBB), on Sunday, issued a statement urging Nigerians to support Buhari till 2019 but reject him at the polls should he seek reelection. IBB urged Nigerians to abandon “old cargoes” and elect a new set of leaders.

Hours after the call, IBB reportedly issued another statement debunking the first.

ThisDay is reporting that IBB’s son, Mohammed, signed the rebuttal without his father’s blessing. The news medium said it got that info from “sources close to IBB”.

ThisDay also, without including an actual quote, said IBB said that his friends issued the rebuttal.

After learning of this, IBB, according to ThisDay, instructed spokesperson Kassim Afegbua to reach out to the media to confirm the validity of the original statement.

Afegbua did this on Channels TV on Sunday night.

Let’s hope IBB’s son doesn’t issue a rebuttal video 😂

There’s actually a third statement which erroneously addressed IBB as “GCON” instead of “GCFR” 😵

IBB’s call follows that of former president Olusegun Obasanjo who also told Buhari to forget about reelection.

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